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electric defender conversions

Land Rover Defender Electric Conversions: What You Need to Know

Electric vehicles are not just exclusive to the new car market; they’re also extremely popular in the classic car industry. And, the classic Land Rover Defender is no exception. In the world of Defender restoration, more and more owners are opting for electric Defender drivetrains.  This exciting option enables you to retain the timeless design … Read more
land rover defender 110

Best Winter Upgrades for Your Custom Defender 110

As the winter months approach, now is an excellent time for any classic Defender 110, 90 or 130 owner to think about how they can enhance their off-roader’s performance and comfort for the colder period ahead. Winterizing your vintage Defender is not just about preparing it for the challenges of snow and ice; it’s also … Read more
classic range rover defender

Mastering the Terrain: Top Off-Road Accessories for YourCustom Defender

The call of the outdoors is irresistible for every classic Land Rover Defender owner. But before you venture out into the wilderness and take on rugged, unforgiving terrains, it’s essential that your 4×4 is equipped with the right gear required to perform at its optimal level. In this blog guide, we explore some of the … Read more
vintage land rover

From Florida to California: Owning a Vintage Land Rover Defender in the US

Whether you live on the West Coast or in the Sunshine State, there are few vehicles more iconic and enjoyable to own and drive than the classic Land Rover Defender. This British off-roader is made for the US, equally at home on the beaches and on the backroads.  Every model – from the Defender 90 … Read more

Maintenance Tips for Your Defender 90 Land Rover

Own a Defender 90 Land Rover and want to ensure that it stays in excellent condition? Maintenance is key for this icon of versatility, durability and resilience. Preserving this legendary off-roader is about more than just looking after the aesthetics, it’s about maintaining the heart and soul of a true adventurer.  In this blog post, … Read more

Choosing the Right Color for Your Classic Defender 90

Picking the perfect color for your classic Land Rover Defender 90 is not just an aesthetic choice. It’s also an expressive one that can speak volumes about your taste, lifestyle, and even your approach to off-road adventure.  With its heritage deeply rooted in rugged terrains and exploration, the classic Defender is an iconic vehicle that … Read more

Exploring the Origins of the Land Rover Defender Classic

Born in the aftermath of World War II, the classic Land Rover Defender was conceived as a multi-purpose utility vehicle that could traverse any terrain, and withstand the harshest of conditions and environments. From its beginnings as a farm vehicle to its evolution into a global icon and luxury adventure vehicle, the Defender has been … Read more

The Value of Customized Land Rover Defenders

Few off-road vehicles can match the enduring appeal of the classic Land Rover Defender. No matter the model – whether it’s a Defender 90 soft-top or hard-top, or a Defender 130 double-cab – this icon has a loyal, dedicated following of enthusiasts and collectors across the globe. And, with the exciting possibilities that customization offers, … Read more