From $145,000

Defender 130

from $145,000

The Defender 130 is the largest of the Defender family and is renowned for its superb range of abilities. Defender 130’s are able to carry up to 6 passengers in the front two rows whilst having the utilitarian pick-up rear tub for those messy items or vital tools that are required.

It really is a one of a kind design and provides the ultimate in flexibility. The flexibility also comes with the 4×4 performance clients expect from a Defender, the 130 is a go-anywhere, carry anything vehicle.

All Defender 130’s can be custom made to include bespoke interiors, custom exteriors and are available with multiple powertrains.

classic style
with a twist

The Defender 130 is the ultimate Defender, the epitome of rugged go-anywhere design. With the longest wheelbase in the model line-up the 130 can seat 6 in comfort in the cabin with a full pick-up bed in the rear.

The 130 is an instantly recognisable design. For those wanting to stand out from the crowd this is the Defender of choice.

21st Century

All TATC Defender 130’s can be fully customised from nose to tail.Customers can custom spec their 130 with bespoke interiors, custom paintwork and with a selection of engines your 130 is sure to be fun as well!

The 130 is a great base to work with because of its size. Enhanced lighting, Winches, Roof Racks, you name it, we can fit to a 130!


Step into
Custom Luxury

Whilst the 130 is the largest and most recognisable of Defenders the interior can also be specified to be just as special!

Whether a full leather interior is required, or there is a more utilitarian requirement we have the solution.

Custom steering wheels, touch screen Apple Car Play, heated seats, modern air-conditioning – you name it, the 130 has it!

The are limitless options to the 130’s interior!

All Seasons

Defender 130’s lend themselves to both Diesel and Gas power. For the traditonialsit we have the 300TDI Diesel, recognised as one of Land Rovers best engines.We also supply the classic 3.5ltr V8 Gas engine used by Land Rover in different guises for decades.

We also convert to seriously fast and loud Corvette LS3 Engines! Hold on tight!

Defender 130
At a Glance

Prices from $145,000

Seating for up to 8 people plus pick-up rear

Hard Top Cab, Canvas or Hard Top of rear

Full 4×4 capability

Auto or Stick Gearbox

Choice of Diesel or Gas Engines and EV Option

2 Door
Hard & Soft Top
4 Door
Hard & Soft Top
4 Door
Double Cabs