Best Winter Upgrades for Your Custom Defender 110


As the winter months approach, now is an excellent time for any classic Defender 110, 90 or 130 owner to think about how they can enhance their off-roader’s performance and comfort for the colder period ahead.

Winterizing your vintage Defender is not just about preparing it for the challenges of snow and ice; it’s also about optimizing it for maximum safety, reliability, and enjoyment. This means that wherever you travel – whether it’s on icy roads or in snowy landscapes – you’ll be prepared and ready for whatever the environment throws at you.

Below, we’ve written a post about some of the best winter modifications for Land Rover Defender 110s, highlighting the most popular options and the main benefits. Read on to get prepared for the winter months.

The Importance of Winterizing Your Defender

Defenders are renowned for their strength, durability and all-terrain capabilities. They’re highly capable in the majority of environments – whether it’s on the beach, in the mountains or out in the wild. 

However, with winter’s harsh conditions – freezing temperatures, snow-laden roads, and icy surfaces – specific modifications are required for your 110. No matter if you live in Minnesota or Massachusetts, it’s essential that you’re prepared for the intensely cold and challenging winter weather. 

With professional winter upgrades, you can ensure that your 4×4 is dependable and continues to perform well throughout December, January, February and March. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best mods available. 

Top Winter Mods for Land Rover Defender 110s

There are a number of different ways that you can winterize your Defender. Here are some of the most popular: 

  • New Wipers

Visibility is vital when it comes to winter driving. One of the best things you can do in advance of winter is upgrade to new, high-quality wipers. At TATC, we can install a new windshield and associated parts including wipers, wiper motor and blades. These are straightforward yet essential modifications. And, these changes significantly improve your visibility during snowfall or rain, enhancing your driving safety.

  • Wheels and Tires

Having the right wheels and tires is crucial for winter. With your Land Rover 110 Defender, we can install new black modular wheels and BF/G AT tires 265/75 R16s or 235/75 R16s. The latter of these provides the most optimal on-road ride handling. With new wheels and tires, you will have better control in all winter conditions.

  • Improved Suspension

Upgrading to a more robust suspension system can greatly benefit winter driving. A high-quality suspension offers better control and predictability on slippery roads, providing a safer and more comfortable ride through snowy trails or icy urban streets.

  • New Lighting

With shorter days in winter, extra lighting is a must. We can install new headlights, and LED side and blinker lights front and rear. Our LED headlight upgrades are essential for enhancing visibility during the long, dark winter nights.

  • Roof Rack

A robust roof rack is invaluable for transporting winter sports equipment, like skis or snowboards. It’s a practical addition that maximizes your vehicle’s utility, providing extra space for your winter adventure gear.

  • Upgraded In-Car Media

For those long winter drives, an upgraded in-car media system can be a great addition. We can install a Bluetooth stereo sound system and radio antenna, as well as integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into your 110. Integrating features like navigation and smartphone compatibility will give you entertainment and connectivity, no matter where your winter adventures take you.

  • Customized Load Space

Tailoring your Defender’s load space with bespoke storage solutions, like specialized racks or compartments, can keep your winter essentials organized. This modification helps maintain a clutter-free and functional interior, even when carrying bulky winter gear.

The Benefits of Winter Mods

Winter modifications for your old Land Rover Defender go beyond just preparing for low temperatures; they significantly enhance its efficiency, safety, and overall driving pleasure. These upgrades include vital visibility enhancements like new wipers and enhanced lighting, ensuring safer navigation through fog and snow. 

Additionally, features like high-end in-car media systems offer entertainment and comfort, catering to diverse preferences and elevating the winter driving experience in your Defender.

Why Winter Maintenance is Essential

During winter, maintenance of your Land Rover Defender 110 is imperative too. Key areas for servicing include the battery, essential for cold weather starts, and the brakes, crucial for navigating slippery conditions. 

A thorough inspection and possible replacement of these components enhances safety and reliability. The heating system also requires attention to ensure comfortable cabin temperatures and clear visibility through defrosting. 

Additionally, checking antifreeze levels protects your engine, while assessing tire condition and pressure ensures optimal traction on snowy or icy surfaces. Regular maintenance, especially of these vital parts, is crucial for a dependable and safe winter driving experience in your 110.

Interested in a Custom Defender 110?

Defender 110s boast a design that’s recognised all over the world, and they offer vast carrying capacity and multiple configurations. Ideal for group adventures, the 110 can seat up to 12 passengers. Available in both Hard and Soft Top models, there are extensive customization options for its interior, exterior, and drivetrain. 

Whether you’re navigating snowy rural terrains or urban landscapes, the 110 excels in versatility. Additional options include 2 or 4-door models, with classic or modern drivetrain choices like the 300TDI Diesel or Gas V8 engines. 

Here at TATC, our customization services allow for bespoke designs, including unique interiors and custom paintwork. Enhancements like winches, roof racks, and advanced lighting are also available. Considering a custom Defender 110? Contact us today via the online form on our website.